Way Library will host its second TEDx event on Saturday, March 12th from 7:00-10:30 pm.  Why should you be there?

10.  Graze on savory and sweet treats and indulge in evening coffee!

9.  Get your limited-edition(available one-night only!) TEDxWayPublicLibrary t-shirt and wear it around town for the rest of the year.

8.  Hear 6 dynamic speakers give 18-minute talks on topics ranging from “Ubuntu” to exoplanet exploration.

7.  Pose for a picture in our photo booth with our handcrafted red (TED)x!

6.  Discuss fresh ideas with our line-up of passionate and innovative speakers.

5.  Have an opportunity to be part of a podcast.

4.  See which librarians can stay up past 9:00 pm!

3.  Rub shoulders with other attendees who are inspirational and inspired (like you)!

2.  7:00 pm on a Saturday means the library is technically “closed”!  You can talk as loudly as you want (though not when other people are talking, that’s not really nice)

And the #1 reason to attend TEDxWayPublicLibrary:

Leave with the motivation to bring monumental ideas into the world!



Libraries are often the heart of any community.  They are a safe and friendly gathering place, a place to share ideas and information, and a place to gain new insight and knowledge.  So, what better place than a library to hold a TEDx event?

When Natalie Dielman first started working at Way Public Library as a Programming Specialist, planning a TEDx event was on the top of her list of things to do.  She has watched her fair share of TED talks over the years, and always felt inspired and motivated after doing so.  By bringing a TEDx event to Way Public Library, Natalie hopes that others will leave with that same sense of inspiration and motivation.

We hope that by hosting a TEDx event here at Way Public Library, we will encourage community members to share their ideas with each other, and allow them to open their minds to things they may have never considered or understood before.  Our theme for the event is “(Inter)active”, and we feel that this is truly what TEDxWayPublicLibrary will be all about.