Rachel McCartneyOne of three partners in Deep In Design LLC, a Toledo startup design & commission firm established in 2013, Rachel McCartney spends her days as a stay-at-home-and-studio Mom as of June 2015. Aside from creating metalwork and other 3D art and working in arts administration in several cities, Rachel has spent her working life just about evenly between community development and green home building and restoration.

Originally from the Pine Barrens in southern New Jersey, Rachel has made a home in Toledo, Ohio and has had the opportunity to work with the Arts Commission in creating the City of Toledo Strategic Plan for Arts & Culture, through which she has become familiar and fascinated with Toledo social and cultural dynamics, riches, and dearths.

A recent and ongoing  project involving a 115 year-old  60 ton percussion press and 5,000 dies acquired from the oldest jewelry manufacturer in Toledo has sparked in her the archivist and preservationist. It has also yielded much community support, sharing and discussion about the depiction in the dies of 130 years of Toledo’s proudest accomplishments and most passionate interests.