Way Library will host its second TEDx event on Saturday, March 12th from 7:00-10:30 pm.  Why should you be there?

10.  Graze on savory and sweet treats and indulge in evening coffee!

9.  Get your limited-edition(available one-night only!) TEDxWayPublicLibrary t-shirt and wear it around town for the rest of the year.

8.  Hear 6 dynamic speakers give 18-minute talks on topics ranging from “Ubuntu” to exoplanet exploration.

7.  Pose for a picture in our photo booth with our handcrafted red (TED)x!

6.  Discuss fresh ideas with our line-up of passionate and innovative speakers.

5.  Have an opportunity to be part of a podcast.

4.  See which librarians can stay up past 9:00 pm!

3.  Rub shoulders with other attendees who are inspirational and inspired (like you)!

2.  7:00 pm on a Saturday means the library is technically “closed”!  You can talk as loudly as you want (though not when other people are talking, that’s not really nice)

And the #1 reason to attend TEDxWayPublicLibrary:

Leave with the motivation to bring monumental ideas into the world!